Caption: Murder. Danger. Intrigue. It’s been 25 years and we’re still hooked on this heart-pounding series. Press play and go back to the beginning.

Caption: Whether you’ve been hooked on Eve Dallas for 25 years or just joined the party, there’s one thing we can all agree on: this is one heart-pounding series. Press play and go back to the beginning.

Caption: A young knight risks it all while rival families face off in this epic new story by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler.
Caption: From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jeff Wheeler comes a legendary new story about warring kingdoms, family rivalry, and fearless loyalty.
Caption: When a woman is found unconscious after a hit and run, medical examiner Faith comes face to face with the twin she never knew she had. Listen as Faith uncovers the clues her sister left behind, realizing their past is much darker and more disturbing than she ever imagined.
Caption: Two identical strangers. One life-shattering secret. Can medical examiner Faith untangle a killer’s twisted plot? Press play on the chilling audiobook that has over 2,200 5-star reviews on Audible. Listen in the dark—we double dare you.

Caption: We’re not powerless against poverty. Press play on this eye-opening audiobook to discover ways you can start driving change today.

Caption: No American should be poor—yet 40 million live in poverty. Listen to this eye-opening audiobook and discover how you can start driving change today.

Caption: District Attorney Morgan Dane is about to face her most personal case yet. She’s just moved back to her quiet hometown, her babysitter is killed, and she personally knows the suspect. Become embroiled in the search for the sinister truth. Listen to “Say You’re Sorry,” the first book in a series by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh.

Caption: When District Attorney Morgan Dane’s babysitter is murdered, all fingers point to the boy next door. Suddenly, Dane must solve her most personal case yet. Secrets bubble under the surface. A quiet community is tested and sinister clues elude everyone. Listen and feel the chills.

Caption: As a successful surgeon, wife, and mom, Abbie’s life seems perfect—until one horrific moment changes everything. Press play on this emotional story about the power of the human spirit.

Caption: Life seems perfect for a successful surgeon and her handsome cardiologist husband, until one fateful moment shatters everything. How will she overcome? Listen now.

Caption: He’s tall, handsome, and irresistible—but his dark secrets might be her downfall. Press play and give in to the temptation of this dangerously sexy series.

Caption: He’s the handsome billionaire everyone warns her about, and the one she can’t resist. Will his secrets be her downfall? Press play for dark seduction.

My Role: Design & Animation
Studio: Brilliance Publishing, an Amazon Company
Creative Direction: Marina Karassellos
Copy: Julie Watt, Kelly Aiglon
Art Direction: Amanda Abbate
Marketing Lead: Sarah Milano

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