Research and Inspiration
Sign Painting in Grand Rapids is not well documented, but I did discover Calvin University's Heckman Digital Archive. This photography treasure trove was perfect for locating sign painted buildings near Sticky Fingers' East Grand Rapids location. I gathered many visual samples of sign painting, curtains, in-store merchandising, and even holiday displays.
For modern inspiration, Harry Potter's Honeydukes candy shop was top-of-mind with its playful colors, unique typography, and the marks of a real sign painter.
Site Requirements & Planning
Grand Rapids requires signage to meet specific regulations, so it was important to understand the zoning district, building code, and rules around temporary and permanent displays. I compiled my research and created recommendations that met city regulations while maintaining the original vision for the project. 
Design & Color Concepts
The real fun began with exploration of type styles, color, and window mockups. After several rounds of exploration into different language, curtain treatments and banner shapes, we landed in a magical place. 
Client note:
"I am absolutely in love.
This is going to be stunning when finished! Thank you for all of your
time in coming up with this."
Final Design & Installation
My dream came true! The legend Mike Meyer drove out from Iowa to join me in my first sign painting installation. I created paper templates that we hung and leveled, gaining client approval every step of the way. Many passers-by were intrigued by the process. On some level, I think the community-focused energy is exhibited through this old world charm and care in the smallest details. And, a boon — sign painting sticks around longer than vinyl. 

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